ABP World Group is a Global Security and Child Recovery Organization

R. Weston
“After all my years of experience as Worldwide Medical Director for the worlds largest medical assistance company, I found only ABP World Group capable of providing the unique service of non-violent recovery of an abducted child
It is very difficult to find a company like ABP World that can provide the experience, honesty, integrity, and assets to actually recover an abducted child safely and at a reasonable cost. I hold ABP World in highest regard and recommend them whole heartedly. The world is simply a better place because of the work they do."

Danish Father
“I have received assistance from ABP World Group in bringing my kidnapped child back home.
The situation demanded alternative solutions in order to bring my child safely home, as the country where my child was kidnapped to, did not actively participate in helping solving the kidnapping. In this regard ABP World Group proved to be invaluable help. They provided the necessary experience in dealing with these matters and throughout the planning and execution always kept calm and seemed prepared for everything. It was my impression that the safety of my child and myself was always the top priority, and they always made sure to take any necessary precautions through detailed planning rather than pursuing a quick solution. I can definitively recommend getting assistance from ABP World Group to anyone else in the same situation."

USA Father
"...you are a treasure. A goldmine for people like me and others. I thank the lord every night that I have my kiddos back. I especially thank him for you. I have them because of you. For that I will always in your debt. I will always have your six..."

American Dad living in Japan
"If it weren't the expertise of the people at ABP I would not have been able to keep my ex from denying me all access to my child.  Japan, even though signatory to the Hague abduction convention does nothing to help in cases.  I was terrified but their legal advocacy and support got me though really hard times.  Thank you guys,  You are the only trust worthy group in the recovery world.  Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU.
French Father
"While I was in the deepest despair after the kidnapping of my child by his mother in Japan,   I found the contact details of ABP World Group on the internet. Soon, I was in contact with them in order to organize the return of my child. I was impressed by their responsiveness, their smooth communication and especially by the very wise advice they gave. Legal advice in the first place, was capital in getting my child back. The professionalism they showed during the operation allowed me to get my child back healthy and sound and in legal way. The vast experience of the people of ABP who helped me  allowed a miracle to happen. In addition to the great joy of having my child healthy and sound, I gained friends for life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart guys!"

United States Sergeant
"Just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Your services provide more than just hope. As a parent and military member, appreciation is does not even come close to the actual feeling you give back to families. The people who risk their lives to save our children are more than human. A level compassion and courage that many will never experience. The loss of a child is the loss of that parents whole life. The fact there are those that will risk everything for a innocent child, they will forever be the most extraordinary people in this world."

Swedish Mother
"Thank God for ABP World Group !  Knowing that there are guardian Angels like yourselves out there makes me believe in human kind again.  If it weren't for your expertise and selfless attention to the abduction of my son, I know I wouldn't have him back in his loving home right now.  You are so professional, skilled and kind.  Thank you for everything.  You are now as much a part of my family as any blood relative.  Thank you so much.  :)"